The Quest is the base game, found on the iPod and iPhone app store. The Quest also has an iPad version so be sure to look at it.

The Quest has a handy feature that saves the game files onto the computer when the idevice is synched to it. This means if your game is somehow deleted from the idevice, synching the game back on from the computer can put the files back.


When the governer is feared missing or sick from the isle of Freymore, a prophecy surrounds the land.

A few weeks later, people start to think he has died or gone to a healer because of an illness. His castle is locked down and military sent to investigate.

But it is wished that a certain newcomer in the miliary is to go specifically. It is thought he/she has something to do with "The Returning."

He is accepted by the King, but the messenger that delivers this news still thinks this newcomer is inexperienced. He is overruled by the "Old Arts" - a collection of wise words.

The King then wonders who this newcomer is.

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